Nov. 4th Releases

Wolf Among Us: Is finally out in it’s physical form for the PS3,PS4, Xbox 3060, & Xbox One.  It’s listed at 30$ USD and I have not a clue why it’s listed 10$ USD more then the digital version.  Anyways onto … Continue reading

Oct. 28th Releases

Sunset Overdrive: Exclusive to Xbox One… Unless they decided to move it to PC or Xbox 360… cause they tend to do that in the Xbox World after their timed exclusivity runs out.  This is the big release for the current “Next … Continue reading

Oct. 21st Releases

The Legend of Korra: Comes out on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 as a digital download rumored to be $20 and as a 3DS physical game.  The gameplay I’ve seen from it makes it look like a good brawler … Continue reading

Crimes and Punishments: Sherlock Holmes Video Review

There are 6 cases to solve in this game. Each one took about 2-3 hours to complete not including the 4th case ‘The Abbey Grange Affair’ which took about an hour to complete when i took my time. But the … Continue reading

Oct. 7th 2014 releases

  Driveclub: Comes out for PS4, with ok reviews don’t think your getting a good mess around racer.  put your serious faces on when you play it. Project Spark: Come out for Xbox One, and one of the few games … Continue reading

Destiny and Tom Clancy’s The Division

So I was reading an article on Gamespot comparing Destiny and the upcoming Division. And the article compared the basic stuff like, how the game plays, to how the shared world experience will be handled between the two games.  But … Continue reading

The Evil Within – Delicious Evil

So Evil Within… this is one of those games where I’ll probably wait for a price drop to pick up, cause I’ve been burned by so many survival horror games in the past.  I mean not including the amazing new … Continue reading

Playstation Plus October

The new games for Playstation Plus were announced today.  They come out October 7th. PS4:   Drive Club Plus Edition:  So… more like a full fledged demo with a platinum trophy.    But, it’s the first first party racer to … Continue reading