Alien: Isolation Review


Been a while since I’ve written a review, and I really wanted to make a video review for this game, but I realized the video would be two things, me hiding under desks or being killed by the Alien.  So I opted to just write a review and maybe at another time make a somewhat of a highlight reel of me being eaten.  

Alien: Isolation is by far the closest game to looking like it came straight out to Ridley Scotts vision then any of the other games and movies to released yet.  It’s also the first game to be only you Vs. the unkillable Alien bent on eating your entrails, and you really can’t do jack shit to stop it.

The Good:

original* Visually this game is spot on with the 1978 Alien ascetic, from the intro video, all the way to the ships, interiors, and even the loading screens.

* The Alien learns! The first time I used a flamethrower on it, it just charged me and ran the fuck off after I burned him, but the second time it slowed down, waiting for the best time to attack always looking at the flamethrower in my hand.

* Scary fucking game.  Not knowing exactly where the alien was at a given time made me pretty much play large sections of the game crouched moving at the snail pace cause I was scared to run.  One wrong movement or sound could send the alien charging.

*Instant Death! The Alien doesn’t fuck around and will kill you instantly no matter what, unless you’re lucky enough to flame him to scare him off, he will pretty much eat you without any thought.

* Large amount of variety in kill animations.  A very important thing when you play most of this game dead.

* I played using the Gold Head Set and it was amazing.  I could hear the Alien walking around me, over me in the vents, and if I was unlucky enough on top of me, as it got it’s lunch break.

*The tools you have are very limited and often just not good for the job, forcing you to play it safe rather then going all out Rambo, even in the more action packed levels against humans or androids.


The Blah

* Fucking Androids… They are an interesting, and sometimes a creepy part of the game, but because they can be killed, they tend to be littered through out the game.  Also Androids’ sight is amazing on hard and expect to be caught and kill constantly by them.  Making them fucking annoying as hell.  Strangely a very different annoying compared to the alien attacks.

* The story is whatever.  Pretty basic, and for the most part your just going from one check point to the other without knowing why.  It does explain but its nothing more then, I need to start the generator…

* Check points and Saves.  I’m actually really mixed on them, it has a manual saving system, which for the most part is great, really adds to the tension in the game, but then it doesn’t save after large load screens so if you die right after riding an elevator, plan to get to and ride/load once again.

*The Ending is strangely very unsatisfying but not in a scary way more in a ‘really that was it?’ way. A little to sequel baiting for me.

The Bad


*There are a few missions that honestly felt like logical points but really didn’t add anything to the story or entertainment factor and really seemed like they should have been left out. Like the random part when Ripley goes on a shuttle ride, or walks in space.

*The third Mission with androids it so frustrating it was the only level I was tired of dying in, and I died a lot in this game.  Basically every weapon that you’ve grown to know work on these Androids stop working, and your only option is to run, which I might add it against everything this game it built on.  I beat the level by playing run to each checkpoint as fast as possible.  Really took the fun out of the mission.

*Middle part seems to drag on for a good while and wish they condensed it into one mission instead of 3.5 missions filled with androids.

Random Note: Possible spoiler but if you know Alien movies not really that big at all.  

There’s a part in the game where you as some random dude get to go back to the first alien ship that was found in Alien movie and during that scene surprise surprise you find the egg room.  And I wish it were you that got to stick you head in the egg and not some random you’re with.  Would have made the part of you that knows this world scream over and over, don’t fucking do it, as you ‘push X to investigate’.



If you’re a stealth game junky, or looking for a good difficult game that doesn’t mind punishing you for playing it, I’d highly recommend it. It’s creepy through out, and has an interesting way of being different to keep it fresh though it’s 20-hour campaign. Just expect a few good mission in the middle to drag it down until it picks up again with force for the last few.

Score Title 4 Star



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