Alien Isolation Comes out with mixed reviews

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So Alien Isolation is finally coming out, and with it comes the more exciting thing of all early reviews.  I personally was planning on waiting till it came down in price and this just helps me feel that decision was the way to go.  But not all reviews are bad, just be ready for what your getting into and it will probably be fine and dandy. At least its not a complete fuck up like Aliens Colonial Marines a game so bad it’s being sued for false advertising. 90/100.  A site I like cause they look at games in a different light then the usual reviewers, they look at how fun it is, and more importantly, at the trophy list and how fun that is.

IGN: 5.9.  Basically citing how frustration the gameplay is, and how you die… a lot.

IGN Italy: ironically gave it a 8/10.  I can’t read italian for the life of me, so i have no idea what they loved or hated, but interesting to see the conflict with in the same company.

Gamespot: which usually gives a 8/10 or less to everything gave it a 6.  Also siting how frustrating the game design is, and how much you do fetch quest.

Metacritic: The grand total of all the early reviews on PC/PS4 are 79/100, while Xbox One is at 76/100.  There aren’t any PS3 or Xbox 360 reviews.  Probably a bad sign to those users, if the reviews are delayed. but it could be graphical issues, which in my option isn’t that big of an issue compared to glitches, and stabilization issues. But we wont know until the review embargo is released.

But the real test will be when it get released to the public.  They tend to play games how they are meant to be played.  For fun, for escapism, and entertainment.  Anyways happy surviving.


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