Oct. 7th 2014 releases

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Driveclub: Comes out for PS4, with ok reviews don’t think your getting a good mess around racer.  put your serious faces on when you play it.

Project Spark: Come out for Xbox One, and one of the few games that really makes me want an Xbox.  I wonder how it will live up to the hype.  But I must note, the game listed on Amazon it titled “Starter Pack” so plan on a ton of in game purchases.  that makes me sad.  Might have to pass till they make a game of the year edition.  can’t stand hidden charges in my games.

Styx: Master of Shadows: Comes out today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.  I’m really interested in this game and will be checking it out if the reviews are good or theirs a plus discount.    I do love me some anti hero action with non hero type characters.

Alien Isolation: Comes out for everything, PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and not Wii U.  But game looks scary as shit, but gets a good amount of mixed reviews at launch.  I think it’s on my Black Friday list.

NBA 2K15: Comes out for everything, and looks pretty.  not a huge sports fan so can’t really say much here.  But it did watch a funny video of the guy on the front cover saying he doesn’t play himself when he plays.

DriveKick: Comes out for PS4.  This game fascinates me, its a music rhythm game build into a Kung Fu style game.  Could be a total win if your a rhythm game fanatic or just into Jackie Chan movies.

Dust: An Elysian Tail: Comes out for PS4: game out a while back on the Xbox 360 and good some good reviews.  and the art style is from my favorite generation.  To make it even better it’s a plus game so i’ll be checking it out for certain.

Jet Car Stunts: Comes out for PS3, Vita… not sure what to make of it, looks like a fun physics game.

Pix the Cat: Looks like an interesting puzzle game for PS4 and Vita.  It’s also a Plus game of the month.

Spelunk: Comes out for PS4 and it’s a cross buy.  But it’s an randomly generated platformer.  Should be interesting i haven’t checked it out yet, but looks like it will be a Plus game as well.

Strider 2: PSone Classic, so should work on PS3 and Vita.  I’m terrible at the new one, so i figure I’d be terrible at the old one.  but a truly unforgiving action platformer.


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