Nov. 4th Releases


Wolf Among Us: Is finally out in it’s physical form for the PS3,PS4, Xbox 3060, & Xbox One.  It’s listed at 30$ USD and I have not a clue why it’s listed 10$ USD more then the digital version.  Anyways onto the game, Wolf Among Us is supposed to be a great addition to the Telltale library, and one I’m looking forward to play on my Vita.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Comes out for everything yesterday if you bought the special edition or today if you got the standard version.  Reviews so far are looking good, if your a twitch shooter fan of multiplayer… if your a Solo player like me, then expect the usual 6 hour campaign that makes no sense, with corridor after corridor shooting galleries.  Personally I’m not a fan of the Call of Duty games, but I’ll try to force my friend to pick it up so i can beat with whenever i stay at his house over a beer or two.

MotoGP 14

MotoGP 14: Comes out for PS3 and PS4 in the physical and Vita for the Digital.  Kind of surprised I haven’t heard anything about it, figured with the Driveclub hubbub going on, any functional racing game would try to take some of those frustrated games to their side.


The Walking Dead Season 2: Comes out for the Vita finally.  Since it had a delayed release window compared to the other systems versions.  Game looks good, and been getting mixed, but generally positive reviews.


Bioshock Infinite: The Complete Edition: Comes out for the Xbox360 & PS3… I’m kind of amazed it isn’t coming out for the Xbox One or the PS4.  But that said, I played it last year on the PS3 and it was one of my best gaming experiences I had all year.


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth: Comes out on the PS4 and is rumored to be the Plus game of November.  Should be interesting, its a randomly generated action RPG with one creepy looking art style.  should be fun to check out.


Home: Comes out on the Vita and is a cross-buy wit the PS4 version.  A survival Horror game that response to you choices.  Looks to be interesting and as long as the sound design is top notch could be a good creepy game for some dark couch playing.


Rocksmith 2014: Already on the other platforms comes out for the Xbox One and PS4 in physical and digital forms.  The game already has good reviews on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 so should be the fix people want in their music games.


Snark Busters: High Society: A point and Click game with a wild cool animation style.   Comes out for the PS3 in Digital and has already been released on the PC to blah reviews.  But could be fun if your looking to get your detective fix on.


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