Crimes and Punishments: Sherlock Holmes Video Review

There are 6 cases to solve in this game. Each one took about 2-3 hours to complete not including the 4th case ‘The Abbey Grange Affair’ which took about an hour to complete when i took my time. But the thing that makes this game interesting is that whenever you get enough evidence to accuse someone your welcome to do so, and it’s your own wit that or curiosity that keeps you going to see the case to the conclusion.
The good:

*Cases have been interesting and varied. All being murder mysteries besides for one.

*You can skip any puzzle so if your in it for the story just push that touch pad. But, most puzzles make sense and are a fun to solve, unlike the last Sherlock game, Testaments.

*Controls have been greatly improved since the last game. You still walk past what your interested in, but other then that way better. I could actually click on what i wanted too.

* Voice acting is good, but there are moments when people speak like they are in adventure games.

* There’s actually a list of objective during the each case but they are wide enough that you still have to do the investigating to solve the crime while narrow enough to dive you much need direction in knowing which area to go to next.

The blah:

*The moral system that is used at the end of the case really doesn’t seem to matter much unless you choose the right person. The other people you just get a very slight change to the dialog.

* Multiple endings, seems to be more of a selling point rather then anything of real interest.

* Each cases story was interesting kind of, but nothing to ponder on afterwards.

* The cases are completely separate, so the story is as well.

The bad:

*Watson remains to be useless. “What should we do next Sherlock?” Is his usual question when I asked him for advise.

* As the cases built to a climax they all seemed to  pitter out at the end.

* The whatever amount of endings each chapter has comes down to usually just line changes and nothing really interesting to watch. Pretty disappointed in that. Unless it’s the actual baddy then the ending video and slight variation.

* Load screen, if you are one to hate load screen then be warned. There are tons and you’ll need to switch between areas almost constantly it seems. You can do stuff like look at clues when you in a load screen but if your already doing that during you normal game play then it will feel redundant.

* Finding your cursor when holding objects can be a huge challenge and one of the reasons why I found puzzles difficult not because it was stumping me in the first place.

Score Title 3 1-2 Star

I give the Game a 3.5/5, it felt more like an episodic downloadable game rather then rather then a fully interconnected piece.   Like it was trying to be Walking dead at 60$. Over all a good game. I feel it’s more of a 40$ game, for that’s the PC price, but if you an adventure game fan like me then it’s plenty worth it. 


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