Vita Wallpapers

Vita by far is the most customizable playstation product, even with the introduction of themes last year, the Vita and PS TV remain to be the most fun to set how you want it to be done.  Also, this week or more like last week was Vita’s 3 year birthday, so in honor of that,  I made Vita Wallpapers.  If you like them take them, mod them or whatever you want with them.  Also if you want a easy to use photoshop template let me know and i can send it over to you.

Asuka Green Asuka Cathrine 2 Vita Themes Cathrine Vita Themes Criminal Girls 2 Dangan Ronpa Akane Dangan Ronpa Peko Dangan Ronpa Twins Deception 4 Drakengard 3 Yuna タイムトラベラーズ 2 copy レサンチ*マン


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