GODZILLA Comes to PS4 & PS3

Yet another Godzilla game has been announced and if coming west.  Dates nothing more then 2015, but comes to the PS4 and PS3.  I was kind of surprised I didn’t see it coming to Xbox one as well, but with the system selling near nothing over here it makes sense to not put in the extra programing for probably a bargain product.  I am a huge Godzilla fan, like fuck I think I own every Godzilla movie other then the SOS series during the early 2000s. That said pretty much every Godzilla game to come out since games have been coming out, have been pretty bad.  Also the footage I saw from Tokyo Game Show of it looked pretty bad, but on a positive note the guy playing probably was just some camera man hired by IGN to play and he never actually played a Video game in his life before.  Cause holy shit he couldn’t use the right stick to save his life.

Anyways, all said and done, still curious about it, and will be tracking it till it’s western release.



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