15 minutes of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 2015

A lot of Big games got adnouced last night and one to make me gitty in by snow booty is Uncharted.  Honestly with all the rumors going about Naughty Dog lately i kind of figured this game was delayed, but Sony has released a 15 minute gameplay video.  And holy shit the game looks pretty, but more then pretty, it looks detailed with animations.

One thing about Naughty Dog games that has always amazed me is that difference surfaces and textures all of reactions, or when a character puts their hand up when passing a wall.  things like that just make their games feel alive in a way that only a few others can.  Tomb Raider tried, with Lara’s hand jumping up and down when it was near a wall but the ever felt responsive, almost reactionary, trying to make an effect with out the attention to details needed to make an action like that smooth.  But on thing i noticed and they got it from the tomb raider game was the use of items.  though the game still looks linear with kind of open area battle grounds, the items make it look like a good place to fuck around.


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