Akiba’s Trip comes to PS4 tomorrow


Akiba’s Trip comes out on the PS4 tomorrow. It’s already been released on the Vita, and PS3. I’ve been playing the Japanese version for a while now and should have a full video review by this week when ever I have some time to think.

Basic lowdown is if you don’t know the games premise, vampires have invaded Akihabara and probably the world has well and you must stop them the only way any otaku game knows how, by stripping the vampires down to their underwear so the sun shines in them killing them where they stand. But don’t worry this game is all about equality and both sexes get stripped equally with fan service for both surprisingly. With a basic combat system for stripping people down there’s also a very simple dating sim involved to get those true endings. Not happy ones if that’s what your looking for.

As for the reason I have the Japanese version and not the English version cause let’s be honest my Japanese kanji skills suck. It’s simply cause I wanted the game on both my tv and vita and at the time remote play was my best option and I can safely say if your looking to update your other platform version to the PS4 version you’ll not be impressed. Game looks like a vita game on big screen. Actually the playstation TV version would work great as a cheaper solution if you have the Vita TV in the first place, and would be the route I’d take if I could do it over again.

Anyways will have a video up hopefully soon so for people looking to see the game in action can see what it’s really about.


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