Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus VITA Review

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WARNING: if your one of those people that play Japanese niche games, and then complain about it being full of lady parts, then this game is not for you.  If your ok with said things and looking for a great brawler then you found the game for you.

I’ve owned the Japanese version for the last year and a half and been waiting for the English version to finally get a release, that it is finally here.  Now before i get ahead of myself with this review, I should note, I can’t speak to any new updates to the game or DLC for the American release.  But I can speak to story, gameplay, and presentation.

The original was on the 3DS, and was considered to be nothing more then a niche game, with nothing exciting going for it, unless your were very desperate for a Fan Service Otaku game on your 3DS then most people just steered clear of the 3DS version.   When the Vita version was released in Japan it was released by a niche developer for a niche community, the games going for about 8,000 ¥ (80$USD). Most people just assumed it be the same fan service game like it’s predecessor and be nothing more. But the game was a surprise hit, whenever i checked it on it was sold out, with more expected in 2-3 weeks.  And not only Otakus were picking up this game but people looking for a good brawler.


* Fighting Variety: you can play as 3 different Shinobi school fighting for top ranks.  once you complete those you get to play as the 4th school.

* Each character has a completely different fighting style within their school, and are fun to learn their techniques.

* There’s a leveling System that unlocks more and more fighting combos.

* each character has 3 fighting forms: (All fighters start out in the basic form)

  • The school outfit: that allows for basic attacks. (Everyones this)
  • The Shinobi outfit that is a form the fighter will transform into and will allow for more powerful attacks and ultimate attacks.
  • The Underwear Outfit: the attack power is way higher, but the defense is way lower.

* After transforming into a fighting form above, the health bar gets replenished and is another strategy that you, and the enemy can exploit.  So you have to be ready for their transformation.

* Health is determined by a HP bar, but also by the amount of clothing a combatant has. It does have fan service galore.

* Ultimate moves are a resource so you need to learn whens the best time to use them.

* There are the main story missions, where everyone fights and you have no control over who you fight with.  Side quest that you choose you character to fight with and go through their own story arch, and Online multiplayer.

* Outfits, and lots of panties (pants). There’s a store to buy all kinds of outfits, and even a shinto shrine game of trying to get new panties from the randomized luck game.  DLC in PSN Japan was for more Panties and outfits, i assume that will be the same for the western release.

* You can even change character’s outfits in the wardrobe to customize them.  and the fun thing is when you switch to a different school, they still wear the outfit you game them when you fight them as enemies.

The Blah: 

* Story is cute and fun, with random moments of serious, but wasn’t anything that grabbed me.  and every schools story is pretty much the same, as in the over all arch, but the characters with in it are all different in personality.


* Difficulty spikes: especially for the first fight in each school.  not sure why they start out with the worst characters to use at level one, but expect a brutal batter at the start of each school story mode.  Until you level up.

* Leveling doesn’t seem to work right, your never really even with the enemies.  if you just play the story you’ll be slightly under leveled or way under leveled for all battles. If you do the Side Story part the characters level will sky rocket and you can beat everything with out trying.  That was my strategy most of the time.

* Can get repetitive especially when your on the second or third school.

* Lock-On System is finicky.  expect it to turn on and off during battle or lock onto the wrong person often.


This is a game that i was amazed too so long to come west, it s one of those games that I feel really lacks on the Vita.  A great brawler.  The Vita is full of Monster Hunter look a likes, and JRPGs but there aren’t any good beat em up games until now.  I highly recommend this game, it does get repetitive at times, but its still a great game and one that I’m very happy finally game west.

Score Title 4 Star


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